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  • North America
MLG CWL Vegas 2016.png
Dec 16th - Dec 18th 2016

From Winners Bracket
Grand Final
  Riselogo std.png Rise 3
  Riselogo std.png Rise 3
  C9logo std.png C9 1
  C9logo std.png C9 2
  C9logo std.png C9 3
From Losers Bracket
  FaZelogo std.png FaZe 2
  FaZelogo std.png FaZe 3
  Logo std2.png ALG 1

January 13th
NA Logo std2.png XV Nelson joins.
NA Logo std2.png TGC Nelson leaves.Moti joins.
January 12th
EU Logo std2.png MRDS Meyeer, Mitoh, PuNi and Rick join.
EU Giantslogo std.png Giants YaKo joins. NacHo joins as coach. Antonio Livo joins as assistant coach.
January 11th
NA Sigmalogo std.png Sigma Hate joins.
NA Logo std2.png XV Moti leaves.
AP Logo std2.png Orgless Eminence, Killerpie,Beastn and Bacabec join. Guydra leaves.
NA Sigmalogo std.png Sigma Elusive leaves.
AP Taintedlogo std.png Tainted Eminence, Killerpie, and Guydra leave. Nimble, Zeuss, Damage and Denz joins.
January 8th
MLGlogo small.png
011st 1st FaZelogo std.png FaZe Clan, 022nd 2nd Logo std2.png eUnited in CWL 2000 Series 01-08.
MLGlogo small.png
011st 1st Orbitlogo std.png Team Orbit, 022nd 2nd Sylogo std.png Supremacy in CWL 2000 Series 01-08.
MLGlogo small.png
011st 1st Taintedlogo std.png Tainted Minds, 022nd 2nd MFlogo std.png Mindfreak in CWL 2000 Series 01-08.
January 7th
NA Sigmalogo std.png Sigma GodFormz, Tempo, and Elusive join.
NA EZGlogo std.png EZG Bounds and GodFormz leave.
NA Logo std2.png Dream Academy Demented, Tisch, Foncho and Chance join.
EU Logo std2.png PAM MRN Sukry and EupHo join.
EU EMKlogo std.png EMK CooperZ joins.
January 6th
EU BKNlogo std.png BKN Katru and Bayon join.
January 5th
EU FabElogo std.png fabE Addiction, UAV, Kivi, and TypicalNerd join.
NA Lethallogo std.png Lethal Mayhem joins.
January 4th
NA Logo std2.png TGC Nelson joins.
January 3rd
EU XLlogo std.png xL EndurAAA, SamB, and BoabyCee leave.
AP EXlogo std.png eX Swiftaz0r joins. Envious leaves.
January 2nd
EU LDLClogo std.png LDLC Pandur joins.
EU XLlogo std.png xL Weeman leaves.
EU LDLClogo std.png LDLC Shane and Niall leave.
EU Logo std2.png Tommey's Team Swanny leaves. Wuskin joins.}}
EU BKNlogo std.png BKN EupHo and GameR leave.
Events Featured Content
EGLlogo small.png  
Jun 24 - Jun 25
  CWL Sheffield Open
EGLlogo small.png  
Jun 16 - Jun 18
  MLG CWL Vegas Open
Multiplaylogo small.png  
Apr 14 - Apr 16
  CWL Birmingham Open
ESWClogo small.png  
Feb 17 - Jan 19
  ESWC Paris
MLGlogo small.png  
Feb 10 - Feb 12
  MLG CWL Atlanta
Gfinitylogo small.png  
Jan 27 - Jan 29
  CWL London
MLGlogo small.png  
Jan 15 - Jan 15
  MLG NA 2000 Series
MLGlogo small.png  
Jan 15 - Jan 15
  MLG EU 2000 Series
MLGlogo small.png  
Jan 15 - Jan 15
  MLG APAC 2000 Series
MLGlogo small.png  
Dec 16 - Dec 18
  MLG Vegas 2016
LVPlogo small.png  
Dec 16 - Dec 17
  LVP Season 11 Final Cup
Multiplaylogo small.png  
Dec 10 - Dec 11
Dec 07 - Dec 21
  LPL 02: Call of Duty Premiership Playoffs
Pslogo small.png  
Dec 03 - Dec 04
  PlayStation Experience Invitational
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