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2014 Season News
  • NA
  • Europe
  • MLG Pro Circuit.png
  • Pro Points
Winner's, Loser's & Grand Finals
October 24th - October 26th

  EnVyUs.png EnVyUs 3
  Noble.png Noble Gaming 1
  EnVyUs.png EnVyUs 3
  Noble.png Noble Gaming 0
  MRKNWILD.png Most Wanted 2
  Noble.png Noble Gaming 3

For the full bracket, schedule, and more go to our tournament page

October 31st
Rise.png Rise Attach announces he has left Rise.png Rise.
October 30th
SYN.png SYNRGY SYN.png SYNRGY announce they have added Cmplx as their 4th.
Faze.png FaZe Karma announces that he has left Faze.png FaZe.
ESWC.png ESWC Ascentia.png Ascentia is the champion ESWC.png ESWC France.
ESWC.png ESWC Basic.png BasiC, NV.png EnVyUs, Epsilon.png Epsilon and Equinox-esport.png eQ.Delivare qualified for ESWC.png ESWC World.
October 29th
Prophecy.png Prophecy Prophecy.png Prophecy announce their return.
ESWC.png ESWC Mobiteam.jpg Mobi Team 3G TNT is forfeit for ESWC.png ESWC World therefore 3 teams french qualified. (Vitality.png Vitality, Ascentia.png Ascentia and Pulse.png Pulse.Insayed)
October 28th
Denial.png Denial Denial.png Denial announce they have released StuDyy.
Optic.png OpTic Killa announces that he has left Optic.png OpTic Nation.
TK.png Team Kaliber TK.png Team Kaliber announce they have added Loony as their 4th.
Rise.png Rise Rise.png Rise announce they have released Loony.
October 27th
Soar.png SoaR Soar.png SoaR announce their new roster of Demented, Wolf, Phaze and Incepts
CurseES.png Curse CurseES.png Curse announce they have released Tipsy and Burnsoff
Justus.png Justus Justus.png Justus announces their roster for ESWC.png ESWC; Doubt, Blfire, Enable and Parasite.
October 26th
TK.png Team KaLiBeR TK.png Team KaLiBeR announce they have released Neslo
Faze.png FaZe Faze.png FaZe announce they have released Parasite
October 24th
CLS.png Clan Lucky Strike Salvo.png Salvo Gaming merge with CLS.png Clan Lucky Strike. Their New Roster consists of Saint, Gucci, Stainville, & Realize
SB.png Strictly Business SB.png Strictly Business announces their new roster with PHiZZURP as their captain, alongside John, SynfuLa and TwiZz.
October 20th
CE.png Cutting Edge SiDRoC joins CE.png Cutting Edge
October 18th
Orbit.png Orbit Realize joins Orbit.png Orbit.NA
October 17th
XGN.png XGN NexXx is now the captain for XGN.png XGN and is looking for 3 more
ESWC.png ESWC Hens were drawn
October 15th
Epsilon.png Vitality.png Epsilon Vitality MadCat is traded with Epsilon.png Epsilon's Tommey
October 13th
UMG-Nashville.png UMG Nashville 011st 1st Faze.png FaZe 022nd 2nd Denial.png Denial 033rd 3rd MW.png Most Wanted 044th 4th Rise.png Rise
October 12th
ESWC.png ESWC France Vitality.png Vitality, Ascentia.png Ascentia, Millenium.png Millenium and Pulse.png Pulse.Insayed qualified for ESWC.png ESWC France
FCO.png FCO One #3 011st 1st Epsilon.png Epsilon 022nd 2nd Ascentia.png Ascentia 033rd 3rd Vitality.png Vitality.
SocialNat.png SocialNat Over.png Over qualified for ESWC.png ESWC.
October 10th
Millenium.png Millenium Julioo joins Millenium.png Millenium in replacement of Zayrox
Epsilon.png Epsilon D1ablo replaces Jurd for FCO.png FCO One #3
Insight.png Team Insight Insight.png Team Insight announces their new roster with Swiftyy, LXT, Nathan and Hawqeh
October 9th
TEC.png TEC.UK endurAAA joins TEC.png TEC.UK
October 8th
Elevate.png eLevate endurAAA leaves Elevate.png eLevate
October 6th
Basic.png BasiC Basic.png BasiC announces their new roster with Reedy, Watson, Sunstah and Peatie.
October 5th
SLE.png SLE14 011st 1st Vitality.png Vitality 022nd 2nd Millenium.png Millenium 033rd 3rd Pulse.png Pulse.InSayed
October 2nd
EGL.png EGL Reedy, Watson, Sunstah and Peatie qualified for the ESWC.png ESWC.
Killerfish.png Killerfish MacMiLiX joins Killerfish.png Killerfish
September 28th
FCO.png FCO #9 011st 1st Vitality.png Vitality 022nd 2nd Ascentia.png Ascentia 033rd 3rd Insayed.jpeg InSayed
September 23rd
Aware.png Aware Gaming Aware.png Aware Gaming announces their new roster with Methodz as their captain, alongside Jump, Baker, and TcM
Noble.png Noble Jump and Baker left Noble.png Noble
SB.png Strictly Business Methodz leaves SB.png Strictly Business
Ultimate arena.jpeg Ultimate Arena 011st 1st Ghosts.png HyperGames 022nd 2nd Ascentia.png Ascentia 033rd 3rd Vitality.png Vitality
September 17th
XGN.png XGN Stun is released from XGN.png XGN
September 15th
XGN.png XGN TuQuick joins XGN.png XGN alongside Complex and Stun
September 10th
LP.png Lightning Pandas Jake leaves TEC.png TEC.UK and joins LP.png Lightning Pandas
September 9th
Ghosts.png HyperGames Krnage joins Ghosts.png HyperGames.
Ascentia.png Ascentia Vorteex joins Ascentia.png Ascentia.
September 7th
FTLMascot.png Fatal Ambition Nihill leaves Annex.png Annex and joins FTLMascot.png Fatal Ambition
FTLMascot.png Fatal Ambition Ghoster leaves Noble.png Noble and joins FTLMascot.png Fatal Ambition
TCM.png TCM ShAnE leaves LP.png Lightning Pandas and joins TCM.png TCM
Orbit.png Orbit.UK LXT joins Orbit.png Orbit.UK
Elevate.png eLevate Swiftz joins Elevate.png eLevate
September 5th
Faze.png FaZe Karma joins Faze.png FaZe on loan
EG.png Evil Geniuses Dedo joins EG.png Evil Geniuses
Faze.png FaZe Dedo leaves Faze.png FaZe
September 2nd
SYN.png SYNRGY SYN.png SYNRGY picks up Muddawg, MoTi, Thing2, and Crowster
TCM.png TCM Peatie leaves TCM.png TCM
Vitality.png Vitality MadCat joins Vitality.png Vitality in replacement of Krnage
September 1st
Igamerz.png iGamerz Igamerz.png iGamerz announces their new roster: Melo, WizR, MiSaA, and MehDaaX.
August 31st
XGN.png XGN Complex and Stun have joined XGN.png XGN. The second half of the team wil be announce in the next few days
August 27th
EG.png Evil Geniuses EG.png Evil Geniuses has decided to bench Karma
Millenium.png Millenium Millenium.png Millenium announces their new roster Zeroo, TJs, Banger, and Zayrox
Mutiny.png Mutiny NoXiDe has left Mutiny.png Mutiny and is now a FA.png Free Agent
August 26th
EG.png Evil Geniuses Karma announces that he no longer wants to team with EG.pngEvil Geniuses
August 25th
Curse.png Curse AU Curse.png Curse AU picked up Louqa in replacement of Chilean
Curse.png Curse AU Chilean is released from Curse.png Curse AU
August 24th
UMGDallas2014.png UMG Dallas 011st 1st Denial.png Denial 022nd 2nd NV.png EnVyUs 033rd 3rd OpticNation.png OpTic Nation
Insomnia.png Insomnia 52 011st 1st Epsilon.png Epsilon 022nd 2nd Elevate.png eLevate 033rd 3rd Orbit.png Orbit.UK
Vitality.png Vitality Krnage leaves Vitality.png Vitality
August 21st
Exertus.png Exertus Exertus.png Exertus is now under the name of Elevate.png eLevate including their roster
August 7th
Radius2.png Radius Gaming Radius2.png Radius Gaming has merged with MW.png MRKNWiLD and now play under the name of MW.png Most Wanted
August 4th
Vexx.png VexX Gaming Vexx.png VexX Gaming announces their new roster PLuTo, Saint, Muddawg, and JRich
August 3rd
Gfinity.png Gfinity 3 011st 1st NV.png EnVyUs 022nd 2nd Epsilon.png Epsilon 033rd 3rd Faze.png FaZe
SB.png Strictly Business SB.png Strictly Business has picked up PHiZZURP to complete their roster consisting of Methodz, StaiNViLLe, John and PHiZZURP
July 30th
Curse.png Curse Tipsy is unable to participate in Gfinity.png Gfinity III due to passport issues. Crowster will take his place.
July 29th
VQ.png VanQuish Slasher leaves Elevate.png eLevate and replaces Strife on VQ.png VanQuish.
July 28th
VQ.png VanQuish Chino leaves Elevate.png eLevate and joins VQ.png VanQuish to complete their roster.
July 27th
AEL2.png AEL Dallas 011st 1st TK.png Team Kaliber 022nd 2nd Curse.png Curse 033rd 3rd Faze.png FaZe
FCO.png FCO One #2 011st 1st Epsilon.png Epsilon.Youth 022nd 2nd Igamerz.png iGamerz 033rd 3rd Playfulbet.png Playfulbet
EGL.png EGL 13 011st 1st Epsilon.png Epsilon 022nd 2nd Exertus.png Exertus 033rd 3rd TCM.png TCM
July 24st
XGN.png XGN XGN.png XGN picks up Revan and Rizma to complete their roster.
July 21st
Elevate.png eLevate MadCat leaves Elevate.png eLevate and is replaced with Slasher
July 20th
VQ.png VanQuish CaLi leaves VQ.png VanQuish due to other obligations.
July 19th
Mutiny.png Mutiny Mutiny.png Mutiny completes their roster with the addition of Legal and NoXiDe to join TuQuick and FEARS
July 18th
Justus.png JusTus Justus.png JusTus qualifies for ESWC.png ESWC 2014
July 15th
MRKNWILD.png MRKNWILD Muddawg has announced he will be apart of MRKNWILD.png MRKNWiLD for UMG.png UMG Dallas
RadiusGaming.png Radius Gaming Flawless has left MRKNWILD.png MRKNWiLD and has joined RadiusGaming.png Radius Gaming
July 13th
FCO.png FCO#8 011st 1st Vitality.png Vitality 022nd 2nd Safe.png Safe.Supremacy 033rd 3rd Anevia.png AneVia.4Old
July 12th
Exertus.png Exertus Exertus.png Exertus takes 011st 1st at the Gfinity.png Gfinity III London LAN Qualifier. Which secures them the last spot for Gfinity.png Gfinity III
Gfinity.png Gfinity III Xenex.png xenex takes 022nd 2nd and LP.png Lightning Pandas takes 033rd 3rd at the Gfinity.png Gfinity III London LAN Qualifier. Neither team will receive an invite to Gfinity.png Gfinity III
July 11th
Radius.png Radius Gaming Radius.png Radius Gaming drafts Slacked and Huhdle to complete their MLG.png MLG CoD League Season 3 starting line up
Rise.png Rise Rise.png Rise drafts Attach as their fourth for the MLG.png MLG CoD League Season 3
July 10th
Noble.png Noble.Gold Noble.png Noble.Gold has picked up TriZy
Noble.png Noble.Gold Noble.png Noble.Gold has parted ways with Ghoster
Vexx.png VexX Gaming Vexx.png VexX Gaming has released Slasher and picked up SpaceLy.
July 9th
SB.png Strictly Business SpaceLy has been released
July 8th
Orbit.png Orbit.NA Orbit.png Orbit.NA has picked up TJHaLy to join VeXeD and NoXiDe
VQ.png VanQuish VQ.png VanQuish releases Legend and he is now a FA.png Free Agent
Ghosts.png Blevdog's Team Saint "also know as Baroska" joins Classic on Blevdog's Team
July 7th
Mutiny.png Mutiny FEARS joins TuQuick and Legal on Mutiny.png Mutiny
July 6th
Mutiny.png Mutiny Legal joins TuQuick on Mutiny.png Mutiny
Noble.png Noble.Black Noble.png Noble.Black releases Nihill
July 5th
Ex.png eXcellence Ex.png Excellence Gaming picks up Facce
Stunner.png Stunner Gaming Facce leaves Stunner.png Stunner Gaming
Ex.png eXcellence Ex.png Excellence Gaming release Accuracy
Noble.png Noble.Gold Noble.png Noble.Gold's final roster consists of Complex, Realize, Ghoster, and JaMeZz
July 3rd
Infused.png Infused Infused.png Infused returns to COD with their new roster Luke, Joocy, NeCRoMe, & Joee for Gfinity.png Gfinity III
July 2nd
Mutiny.png Mutiny MoTi, TrojaN, Thing2, & TriZy leave Fuse.png Fuse to join Mutiny.png Mutiny
Fuse.png Fuse Fuse.png Fuse picks up TriZy
July 1st
Rise.png Rise Rise.png Rise releases Saint
June 30th
SG.png XGN.Sailguns SG.png XGN.Sailguns is now Noble.png Noble.Black
June 26th
Elevate.png eLevate MadCat will be allowed to participate in MLG.png MLG COD League Season 3
Denial.png Denial Denial.png Denial completes their new roster with the addition of StuDyy
Wild-gaming.png WiLD Wild-gaming.png WiLD renames to MRKN WiLD and release Fatalize to add PHiZZURP to the team
June 25th
NV.png EnVyUs NV.png EnVyUs drops StuDyy and Parasite to pick up FormaL and JKap
Faze.png FaZe FormaL leaves Faze.png FaZe
Vexx.png VexX Gaming Slacked announces that he will be taking a break and is no longer on Vexx.png VexX Gaming
FA.png Free Agent Legal decides to retire from playing.
Fuse.png Fuse Fuse.png MoTi leaves Fuse while Thing2 decides to retire.
Denial.png Denial ZooMaa is the captain of Denial.png Denial and adds Replays and Saints to the roster. Attach unable to join due to not qualifying for S3.
Curse.png Curse Orange Curse.png Curse Orange disbands their entire roster. Attach, Miyagi, Muddawg, and Crowster are all FA.png Free Agents
June 24th
TK.png Team KaLiBeR Theory rejoins TK.png Team KaLiBeR
RevengeGaming.png Revenge RevengeGaming.png Revenge releases Incepts and Slumber and replaces them with Myth and Fuhlexer
Denial.png Denial NoXiDe and Legal are both Free Agents FA.png
TK.png Team KaLiBeR Apathy leaves TK.png Team KaLiBeR and joins Faze.png FaZe
June 23rd
Faze.png FaZe Saints has left Faze.png FaZe and is now a FA.png Free Agent
Wild.png WiLD Wild.png WiLD has released Stun and are now looking for one
FaZeRed.png FaZe Red Faze.png FaZe releases their entire FaZeRed.png FaZe Red roster. Theory, Replays, JKap, Classic are all FA.png Free Agents
Elevate.png eLevate MadCat will not be participating in MLG.png MLG COD League Season 3
June 22nd
MLG Pro Circuit.png MLG Anaheim 011st 1st EG.png Evil Geniuses 022nd 2nd Optic.png OpTic Gaming 033rd 3rd TCM.png TCM
June 13th
Mutiny.png Mutiny Mutiny.png Mutiny replaces Heist with PHiZZURP for MLG.png MLG Anaheim
June 12th
Millenium.png Millenium Millenium.png Millenium picks up LowAn, TJs (formerly known as Tonyjaa), Chewyy and Zeroo.
June 8th
Xgames.png MLG X Games Invitational 011st 1st Optic.png OpTic Gaming 022nd 2nd TK.png Team KaLiBeR 033rd 3rd EG.png Evil Geniuses
June 6th
Mutiny.png Mutiny Mutiny.png Mutiny drops Vowels and picks up Brock
June 1st
Ghosts.png N/A The team consisting of Realize, Demented, Wolf, and Davis forms. No organization or team name has been announced yet.
Wild.png WiLD Wild.png WiLD picks up Fatalize
Immunity.png Immunity Immunity.png Immunity qualifies for MLG.png MLG Anaheim Championship bracket.
ACL.png ACL Brisbane 2014 011st 1st Immunity.png Immunity 022nd 2nd Curse.png Curse AU
May 30th
Ascentia.png Ascentia Ascentia.png Ascentia acquires Unleash.png Unleash's roster and creats there second team Unleash.png Ascentia.Unleash
May 28th
Wild.png WiLD Bloodz leaves Wild.png WiLD
ESWC.png ESWC EG.png Evil Geniuses confirms that they will be defending their title this year at ESWC.png ESWC 2014
Unleash.png Unleash Unleash drops priwAA and picks up Nani
Orbit.png Orbit Orbit.UK acquires CheckMate.png Check Mate's roster, Kipper, Swiftyy, Hawqeh, and Nathan
Unnamed.png Unnamed Unnamed recruits Melo
May 27th
Wild-gaming.png WiLD Bloodz joins Wild.png WiLD
Orbit.png Orbit.NA JaMeZz joins Orbit.png Orbit.NA
May 26th
Wild.png WiLD Stun, Flawless, and Schillez join Wild.png WiLD
Wild.png WiLD Wild.png WiLD releases their entire team.
May 25th
Orbit.png Orbit.NA Stun leaves Orbit.png Orbit.NA
SLE.png SLE - Pix&Tech 011st 1st Vitality.png Vitality.Rises 022nd 2nd Unnamed.png Unnamed Unbreakable, 033rd 3rd Igamerz.png Team Titans
Ascentia.png Ascentia Chewyy, Zeroo and LowAn leave Ascentia.png Ascentia
May 23rd
Mutiny.png Mutiny Mutiny.png Mutiny picks up the team of TuQuick, Rizma, Heist, and Vowels to represent them.
May 22nd
Gfinity.png Gfinity Pro League Season 1 011st 1st Epsilon.png Epsilon 022nd 2nd TCM.png TCM. They both qualify for MLG.png MLG Anaheim Championship bracket
Ghosts.png N/A TuQuick, Rizma, Heist, and Vowels form a new team.
May 21st
Wild-gaming.png WiLD Wild-gaming.png WiLD picks up TFly.
Ascentia.png Ascentia Rekin leaves Ascentia.png Ascentia.
May 20th
Denial.png Denial PRPLXD steps down from Denial.png Denial and is replaced by NoXiDe.
May 19th
EX.png Excellence Gaming EX.png Excellence Gaming forms with the roster of Snipedown, Diabolic, KozMo, and Accuracy.
Rise.png Rise Rise.png Rise completes their roster with Saintt.
May 16th
Elevate.png Elevate Elevate.png Elevate picks up MadCat.
May 14th
Infused.png Infused MadCat leaves Infused.png Infused.
May 12th
Elevate.png Elevate eGo leaves Elevate.png Elevate.
Wild-gaming.png WiLD Wild-gaming.png WiLD picks up JaMeZz.
May 11th
RevengeGaming.png Revenge RevengeGaming.png Revenge releases Legend and Mech.
FCO.png FCO ONE#1 011st 1st Killerfish.png Killerfish, 022nd 2nd Epsilon.png Epsilon.Youth, 033rd 3rd Unnamed.png Unnamed
Cap.png Cap Arena#3 011st 1st Vitality.png Vitality.Rises, 022nd 2nd Tigers.jpeg TIGERS, 033rd 3rd Igamerz.png Team Titans
May 10th
Ghosts.png N/A Felonies, Fatalize, and TuQuick look for one.
Orbit.png Orbit.NA Orbit.png Orbit.NA releases JaMeZz and picks up FEARS.
Rise.png Rise FEARS leaves Rise.png Rise.
Wild-gaming.png WiLD Wild-gaming.png WiLD releases Phaze.
May 9th
Elevate.png Elevate Elevate.png Elevate Black disbands. Elevate.png Elevate reforms with Nifty, Gucci, Chino, and Ego. Complex will be looking for three new players to represent the second Elevate.png Elevate team.
Epsilon.png Epsilon Epsilon.png Epsilon Youth's unveils Carbon, WizR, Banger and Zayrox.
Infused.png Infused MadCat joins Infused.png Infused.
Infused.png Infused Momo leaves Infused.png Infused.
Reign.png Reign Reece leaves Reign.png Reign.
Reign.png Reign LXT joins Reign.png Reign.
May 8th
VVv.png vVv Gaming VVv.png vVv Gaming's roster has officially disbanded
May 7th
SB.png Strictly Business PHiZZURP will be joining SB.png Strictly Business for the MLG X Games Invitational in place of Methodz due to age restrictions.
TEC.png TEC TEC.png TEC acquires the Exertus roster.
Curse.png Curse Orange Saint will be joining Curse.png Curse Orange for the MLG X Games Invitational in place of Crowster.
Orbit.png Team Orbit Orbit.png Team Orbit releases their EU.png EU roster.
Wild-gaming.png WiLD Chino leaves Wild-gaming.png WiLD.
May 6th
Orbit.png Team Orbit Orbit.png Team Orbit acquires the XGN roster.
EG.png Evil Geniuses EG.png Evil Geniuses acquires the Complexity.png compLexity roster.
May 5th
EGL.png EGL12 011st 1st Epsilon.png Epsilon, 022nd 2nd TCM.png TCM, 033rd 3rd Reign.png Reign eSports 044th 4th Vitality.png Vitality.Rises, 055th 5th Exertus.png Exertus
UGC Niagara.png UGC Niagara 011st 1st Complexity.png compLexity, 022nd 2nd NV.jpg EnVyUs, 033rd 3rd Vexx.png VexX Gaming 044th 4th Optic.png OpTic NaTion, 055th 5th Faze.png FaZe Black
May 3rd
Exertus.png Exertus Storer joins Exertus.png Exertus
Exertus.png Exertus Reedy leaves Exertus.png Exertus
May 2nd
Killerfish.png Killerfish Killerfish.png Killerfish acquires Divinely.jpg Divinely's roster
April 30th
Erupt.jpg Erupt.Intensity Erupt.jpg Erupt.Intensity's roster becomes Denial.png Denial's new team to become Denial.png Denial.EU
Erupt.jpg Erupt Erupt.jpg Erupt's roster becomes Denial.png Denial's new roster
April 27th
FCO.png FCO #7 011st 1st Vitality.png Vitality.Rises, 022nd 2nd Ascentia.png Ascentia, 033rd 3rd Safe-gaming.png Safe Unleash
SK.png SK Gaming SK.png SK Gaming is no longer lined-up on CoD and their roster joins Divinely.jpg Divinely
Orbit.png Team Orbit Wongy and BounCe join Orbit.png Orbit.UK
Orbit.png Team Orbit Jacko & Jake leave Orbit.png Team Orbit
Infused.png Infused Jake joins Infused.png Infused
April 25th
Gfinity.png Gfinity III TCM.png TCM and NV.jpg EnVyUs are the teams confirmed.
TCM.png TCM Peatie joins TCM.png TCM
TCM.png TCM Flux leaves TCM.png TCM
x30px Infused Peatie leaves Infused.png Infused
April 24th
Gfinity.png Gfinity III Epsilon.png Epsilon and Vitality.png Vitality.Rises are the first two teams confirmed.
April 23rd
Erupt.jpg Erupt Robz leaves Erupt.png Erupt Gaming. Luke takes his place on the roster
Erupt.jpg Erupt Intensity Robz leaves Erupt.png Erupt Gaming
April 21st
Insomnia.png Insomnia 51 011st 1st Epsilon.png Epsilon, 022nd 2nd TCM.png TCM, 033rd 3rd Reign.png Reign eSports 044th 4th Infused.png Infused
April 20th
GamersA.jpeg Gamers Assembly 011st 1st Vitality.png Vitality.Rises, 022nd 2nd Tigers.jpeg Tigers, 033rd 3rd Inmunity.png Inmunity Gaming
April 18th
VVv.png vVv Gaming VVv.png vVv Gaming forms their new roster: Realize, Diabolic, Flawless & Sender
April 17th
Vitality.png Vitality.Returns Vitality.png Vitality.Returns is released, only leaving Vitality.png Vitality.Rises
April 16th
TK.png Team KaLiBeR MadCat will be replacing Apathy for TK.png Team KaLiBeR during UGC Niagara.png UGC Niagara
April 15th
Justus.png Justus Justus.png Justus' new roster for MLG.png MLG Season 2 is: Doubt, SinfuL, TwiZz & Blfire
Curse.png Curse The two Curse.png Curse teams will now consist of Curse Black and Curse Orange with Tipsy for Captain of Curse Black & Miyagi for Captain of Curse Orange
SB.png Strictly Business Stainville join SB.png Strictly Business
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