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Game End Date Event Place Winnings Roster
GameIcon Ghosts.png 2014-10-12 UMGlogo.png UMG Nashville 2014 A99 - 12th KozMoBlfireDiabolicFaccento
GameIcon Ghosts.png 2014-08-24 UMGlogo.png UMG Dallas 2014 B313 - 16th KozMoSnip3downDiabolicFaccento
GameIcon Ghosts.png 2014-07-27 AELlogo small.png AEL Dallas A44th KozMoSnip3downDiabolicFaccento
GameIcon Ghosts.png 2014-06-22 MLGlogo small.png MLG Anaheim 2014 Season 3 Play-In Tournament A55 - 6th KozMoSnip3downDiabolicAccuracy