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GosuCrew Logo.png
Team Information
Location: USA United States
Manager: Jeffrey RavenWolf Rossi
Number of Players:
Sponsor(s): SectorSix
Insane Labz
Website: thegosucrew.com
Social Media & Links
Twitter: TheGosuCrew
Facebook: [GosuCrew Facebook Fanpage]
YouTube: GosuCrew
Affiliated Teams (Current):
Affiliated Teams (Former):
Sister Teams (Current): GosuCrew Blue
Sister Teams (Former):
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Placements: 9th-12th MLG Vegas
5th-8th MLG 2k Series
17th-32nd 2k Series
17th-32nd 2k Series
17th-32nd 2k Series
33rd-40th MLG Atlanta


Infinite Warfare

The Gosu Crew announced their venture into the Call of Duty scene with the signing of Drama, Prestinni, Arcitys, and Gunless. The first event of the year would be the MLG Vegas 2016 tournament. This event would act as a test to the team's true potential. The squad would be fighting from the Open Bracket to eventually get into Pool Play. This always serves as a testimony for a team's communication and raw talent. After making it through Pool Play, Drama and co would place 9th-12th overall at the event. The next event the team would be attending would be CWL/2017 Season/Atlanta Open. This event would be less satisfying after a huge roster change with the new team placing 33rd-40th. The organization as a whole would need to bounce back after such an awful placing. MLG Dallas open would be next and there would be a much better result. After many intense matches, the squad would once again place 9th-12th at the event!


  • 2017
  • 2016

Player Roster


ID Name Primary Role
USA Fox Issac Padilla Template:RoleSortNumber Player
USA GodLike Zack Goldstein Template:RoleSortNumber Player
USA Lyric Lyric Quinonez Template:RoleSortNumber Player
USA TwiZz Eric Servello Template:RoleSortNumber Player


ID Name Primary Role Next Team
USA DraMa Anthony Padilla Template:RoleSortNumber SMG Slayer TGC Bluelogo std.png GosuCrew Blue
USA Nelson Brandon McKinney Template:RoleSortNumber Player
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 XtroVert eSports
USA Arcitys Alec Sanderson Template:RoleSortNumber Hybrid EUnitedlogo std.png eUnited
USA Prestinni Preston Sanderson Template:RoleSortNumber Main AR EUnitedlogo std.png eUnited
USA Gunless Pierce Hillman Template:RoleSortNumber OBJ EUnitedlogo std.png eUnited
Canada Mayhem Mehran Anjomshoa Template:RoleSortNumber Main SMG MWlogo std.png Most Wanted



ID Name Position
USA RavenWold Jeffrey Rossi Co-Founder
USA JoJo JoJo Community Manager
USA MAU5JONES Ryry Jones Tournament Director
USA HEDGWIG HEDGWIG Director of eSports
USA MassTerror Adam Dale Manager
USA Hydra Patrick eSports Manager

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