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April 24th
EU Logo std2.png Team MRN UAVSlays joins.
April 21st
EU Hereticslogo std.png Heretics EupHo joins as coach.
April 20th
AP Logo std2.png Oracle Hopey, JayTex, Setzyy, and Zepa join.
April 16th
CWLlogo small.png
Gold.png Epsilogo std.png Epsilon eSports Silver.png SPYlogo std.png Splyce in 2017 CWL Birmingham Open.
April 14th
NA ALGlogo std.png ALG Mochila, Remy, and Royalty leave but Believe, Nova, and Mayhem join!
NA StDxlogo std.png StDx Believe, Nova, Spoof, and Mayhem leave...
April 12th
NA MWlogo std.png MW Destiny leaves but Mosh and ProFeeZy join!
EU Logo std2.png OpenMind Piero, Amar, Choppy, and Deezy join!
April 10th
NA MWlogo std.png MW Prophet leaves...
April 9th
NA Pndalogo std.png Pnda Riviction, Lyric, Nuglect and GodLike join!
EU U4Xlogo std.png U4X RiRi, Callxn, ShuKz, and LouiCM join!
EU Logo std2.png Eralize Paaqz, Recite, Staan, and Vodako joins!
AP Logo std2.png Chiefs eSports Club Killerpie, Skrzm, and Swifty join!
April 8th
EU Logo std2.png ArmaTeam Zayrox joins!
April 7th
EU VITlogo std.png VIT ShAnE, Defrag, and Zerg joins!
EU Sylogo std.png Sy Wailers leaves...but TonyJ's joins!
EU Logo std2.png ArmaTeam TonyJ's leaves...
April 6th
NA Lethallogo std.png Lethal Storied, Ramby, Teddy, and Anihmal leaves. JuJu and Hate rejoin while HumanJesus and KlinK join!
EU Logo std2.png ApeX Clan Chucky, UnwiZe, Veziok, and MeNaCe join!
April 5th
NA MWlogo std.png MW Logo std2.png Carbon Six and XVlogo std.png XtroVert eSports merge with the organization. Prophet, FA5TBALLA, Destiny and Glory join while Holler becomes inactive.
NA Riselogo std.png Rise Pacman rejoins as a Coach!
April 4th
EU FabElogo std.png fabE Momentus rejoins!
EU Logo std2.png Moviestar Riders Denz and Dean join!
AP Logo std2.png RamPaGe Bloo rejoins while SolidRain joins!
AP Logo std2.png UnVeiL NoVa SolidRain and Xenon leave...
AP Logo std2.png Empyre eSports Macka joins as a coach!
April 3rd
EU Logo std2.png Black Forest Red Momentus leaves while UAVSlays, endurAAA, and BoabyCee join!
NA Logo std2.png Carbon Six Destiny and Glory join!
April 1st
AP Logo std2.png Empyre eSports Envious, Perko. Tyson, and Pixell join!