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Though we are a community-driven wiki, we have a set of staff members who are ultimately responsible for ensuring that we are completely up-to-date. Have a question? Someone on this page can answer it! (If you write on someone's talk page, they'll get a notification when they log into the site, so you can expect a response that way; however, some people may respond faster to tweets.)

Clicking on someone's name will take you to their talk page.


Matthew Gunnin (Founder and CEO) Email: [email protected]

Jordan O’Hara (Head of Marketing) Email: [email protected]

Daniel Duffell (Wiki Director) Email: [email protected]


Social Media

If you want to contact us via social media, reach out on twitter! You can use either of the following accounts:

Site Suggestions

Have an overarching suggestion or comment bout the site? We have an anonymous form you can fill out leaving us your feedback! You can find it here.