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Background Information
Name: Christopher Duarte
Country of Birth: USA United States
Birthday: July 21, 1994(1994-07-21)
XBL Gamertag:
Alternate IDs:
Primary Role: SMG SLayer
Previous Role(s): OBJ, Anchor | }}

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Livestream: Twitch
Twitter: Parasite
Team History
FeaRlogo std.png Team FeaR
Gzlogo std.png Ground Zero
Logo std2.png apeX.Collapse
NVlogo std.png Team EnVyUs
RNXlogo std.png RoughNeX
 ??? 2013 - Apr 2013 Fariko Impactlogo std.png Fariko Impact
Jun 2013 - Aug 2013 Impactlogo std.png Impact
Aug 2013 - Oct 2013 UNiTElogo std.png UNiTE Gaming
Oct 2013 - Jan 2014 Crslogo std.png Curse LV
Jan 2014 - Jan 2014 OGlogo std.png OpTic Gaming
Jan 2014 - Apr 2014 Crslogo std.png Curse LV
Apr 2014 - Apr 2014 FaZe Blogo std.png FaZe Black
Apr 2014 - Jun 2014 NVlogo std.png Team EnVyUs
Jun 2014 - Oct 2014 FaZelogo std.png FaZe Clan
Nov 2014 - Nov 2014 Noblelogo std.png Noble eSports
Nov 2014 - Jan 2015 Prophlogo std.png Prophecy
Jan 2015 - Apr 2015 FaZe Rlogo std.png FaZe Red
Apr 2015 - Jun 2015 TKlogo std.png Team Kaliber
Jun 2015 - Jul 2015 E6logo std.png Enigma6 Group
Aug 2015 - Sep 2015 Epsilogo std.png Epsilon eSports.NA
Sep 2015 - Oct 2015 Epsilogo std.png Epsilon eSports
Nov 2015 - Jul 2016 CoLlogo std.png compLexity Gaming
Aug 2016 - Aug 2016 Logo std2.png Kingsmen
Aug 2016 - Dec 2016 CoLlogo std.png compLexity Gaming
Dec 2016 - Feb 2017 Logo std2.png Red Reserve NA
Feb 2017 - Feb 2017 Logo std2.png Livin The Dream
Mar 2017 - Mar 2017 XVlogo std.png XtroVert eSports
Jun 2017 - Aug 2017 EGlogo std.png Evil Geniuses
Oct 2017 - Jan 2018 GZ2017logo std.png Ground Zero
Jan 2018 - Apr 2018 CoLlogo std.png compLexity Gaming
Apr 2018 - Sep 2018 Ghostlogo std.png Ghost Gaming
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Christopher "Parasite" Duarte is a professional Call of Duty player who is currently a Free Agent.


Call of Duty 4 and Black Ops

Chris "Parasite" Duarte has been playing video games his entire life, he first started playing competitively in Call of Duty 4, competing on the online pro circuit events. Parasite really started to show his skills in Call of Duty: Black Ops at the first ever Call of Duty MLG event in Dallas 2011. Parasite went with a seemingly unknown team, Ground Zero, and placed 4th overall at the event. Parasite would then join apeX.Collapse for the remainder of the season, placing 2nd at MLG Raleigh and fourth at MLG National Championship 2011 in Providence.

Modern Warfare 3

Chris would stay on Apex going into the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Season, along with Dedo, Lyar, and Nameless. Here, he would continue to excell, placing 1st at the UMG Championships and at Insomnia 46. From there, he would join Team EnVyUs, where they would place 3rd at EGL 8.

Black Ops 2

Parasite continued his success into Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, where he is most known for being the captain of Fariko Impact, teaming with Karma, Mirx, and Killa. Along with Parasites' strong anchoring skills, Impact and their deadly hardpoint game went on to win four straight major events in a row including MLG Winter Championship, EGL 9, Call of Duty Championship, and UMG St. Louis. Later, he would team with Mboze, Nameless, and Ricky on UNiTE Gaming, where they would hand the juggernaut compLexity their only loss (with money on the line) at the MLG PAX Prime Invitational. Chris would finish out Black Ops 2 on this team, finishing 8th and 3rd at their last two tournaments.


Going into Call of Duty:Ghosts, Parasite, along with Nameless, MiRx, and Stainville, would join under Curse to form Curse LV. The team would come off to a rocky start, finishing 10th at MLG Fall Championship. The teams only 1st place finish would come in the online Call of Duty Winter Invitational, but would find two 3rd place finishes along the way. For a short time, Chris would even join OpTic Gaming, before returning to Curse, along with Ricky. To the surprise of many, Curse LV, consisting of 3 out of 4 players from the championship team from Black Ops 2, would fail to qualify for the Call of Duty Championship 2014. Eventually, Parasite would leave Curse, briefly joining FaZe Black, before settling down with Team EnVyUs. Here, he joined Nameless, MerK, and StuDyy, taking the spot of Rambo. He would find some success with the team, finishing 2nd at UGC Niagara and 4th at the MLG X Games Invitational. Before the start of the Season 3 online league, Parasite would be released/leave EnVyUs, and decided he wanted to team with Censor, Dedo, and Apathy on FaZe. After swapping Dedo with Karma in an exchange with Evil Geniuses, he (along with FaZe Clan) took a first place finish at UMG Nashville 2014.


  • Before Parasite, Chris went by carameL
  • Chris is an avid Streamer and YouTuber
  • Parasite's favorite memory was beating EnVyUs 6-4 last map to win Call of Duty Championship.
  • His nickname "Haggy" comes from when he had long hair and looked like Hagrid from Harry Potter. (Picture of Chris with long hair -
  • Parasite had 101K Twitter followers before he joined OpTic Gaming, when he announced his departure from OpTic, he had 127K followers. He gained about 26K followers in the few days he was on OpTic Gaming