CWL Sheffield Open

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2017 CWL Sheffield Open
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Location: Sheffield
Event type: Offline
Platform: Playstation 4
Game: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Total teams:
Prize pool: $25,000
Start Date:
End Date:
Links: EGL Official Website

2017 CWL Sheffield Open will take place in Sheffield, England, from June 24th-25th.



  • Region Locked Event
  • Open Bracket
    • 48 team bracket cap
    • Double Elimination
  • Pool Play
    • 16 teams: the Top 12 European teams based on CWL Pro Points, plus 4 teams from the Open Bracket
    • 4 pools of 4 teams
    • Best of 5 Series
    • Top 2 teams in each group are placed in Championship Bracket Winner's Round 1
    • 3rd Place team is placed in Championship Bracket Loser's Round 2
    • 4th Place team is placed in Championship Bracket Loser's Round 1
  • Championship Bracket
    • Double Elimination
    • Best of 5 Series

Prize Pool

Place Prize (USD) Pro Points Team
011st 1st $10,000 10,000 Logo std2.png Epsion eSports
022nd 2nd $6,000 6,000 Red EUlogo std.png Red Reserve EU
033rd 3rd $4,000 4,400 FNClogo std.png Fnatic
044th 4th $2,000 3,600 Sylogo std.png Supremacy
5th-6th $1,000 3,200 Logo std2.png eRa Eternity EU
Milllogo std.png Millenium
7th-8th $500 2,800 Logo std2.png District Red
Logo std2.png Vendetta
9th-12th 2,200 Logo std2.png Team MRN
Logo std2.png Team MRN Black
Elv EUlogo std.png Elevate EU
Logo std2.png Opulent eSports
13th-16th 1,800 VITlogo std.png Team Vitality
Logo std2.png Eraiize Gaming
Bulldoglogo std.png Bulldog eSports
Logo std2.png Zealous eSports
17th-20th 1,200 Logo std2.png Aerox Esports
U4Xlogo std.png U4X eSports
Logo std2.png Team Innotio
Logo std2.png Overtime eSports
21st-24th 1,100 Logo std2.png Cyberstorm GG
Logo std2.png Profound
Logo std2.png dZResurge
Logo std2.png Profound
25th-28th 900 Logo std2.png Anger Issues
Logo std2.png Omni
Logo std2.png Barage Main
Logo std2.png Call me eSports
29th-36th 700 Logo std2.png Team Descend
Logo std2.png Opulent Nation
Logo std2.png
Fragmentlogo std.png Fragment eSports
Logo std2.png Ryfelwyr Can Hang
Senixlogo std.png Senix eSports
Logo std2.png Veloso eSports
Logo std2.png Counter Measure Gaming