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Epsilon eSports
Epsilon eSportslogo square.png
Team Information
Location: UK.png United Kingdom
Manager: Kurtis Stocks
Number of Players:
Sponsor(s): Hype
Sound BlasterX
Scuf Gaming
GT Omega Racing
Gamer Grip
Squadra Unica
Website: epsilon-esports.com
Social Media & Links
Twitter: Epsilon_eSports
Facebook: [ Facebook Fanpage]
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Sister Teams (Current):
Sister Teams (Former): Epsilon eSports.NA
Created: February 2008
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Epsilon eSports is a multi-game esports organisation based in the United Kingdom that currently has teams in Call of Duty, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Fifa, Halo, Battlefield, and Rainbow 6:Siege. For information about their Halo team check out their Halo Esportspedia page. For information about their former SMITE team check out their SMITE Esportspedia page.


Epsilon eSports was launched in February 2008 with the aim of establishing themselves as one of the leading brand names in the world of eSports. Epsilon is based throughout Europe and have achieved the highest possible results in a variety of games such as Counter Strike: Source, Enemy Territory, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Battlefield 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Team Fortress 2.

With their philosophy of having teams consisting of players all over Europe, they are given the opportunity to showcase their talents to the world under the Epsilon brand both online and at major eSports events around the globe. All their players are under contract, allowing them to evolve in a steady and full time environment, ensuring performance and professionalism.


  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015

Player Roster


ID Name Primary Role
United Kingdom Insanatised Nathan Orton Template:RoleSortNumber Player
United Kingdom Dqvee David Davies Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer
United Kingdom Vortex Stephen Allen Template:RoleSortNumber Support
United Kingdom Hawqeh Billy Harris Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer

Temporary Subs

ID Name Primary Role Replacing Tournament
USA Remy Remington Ihringer Template:RoleSortNumber OBJ LF2 Gfinity Spring Masters 1
USA Faccento Brice Faccento Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer LF2 Gfinity Spring Masters 1
France D1ablo Samir Peru Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer Ireland Jurd FCO One 3


ID Name Primary Role Next Team
United Kingdom Joshh Joshua-Lee Sheppard Template:RoleSortNumber Flex
United Kingdom Desire Ben Wright Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer Logo std2.png Team 3G
United Kingdom Skrapz Matt Marshall Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer FNClogo std.png Fnatic
United Kingdom SunnyB Gurdip Bains Template:RoleSortNumber Support FNClogo std.png Fnatic
United Kingdom Moose Tom Handley Template:RoleSortNumber SMG Slayer Infslogo std.png Team Infused
United Kingdom Reedy Jordan Reed Template:RoleSortNumber SMG OBJ IMPlogo std.png iMPacT Reloaded
United Kingdom Skrapz Matt Marshall Template:RoleSortNumber AR Slayer FNClogo std.png Fnatic
United Kingdom Rated Rhys Price Template:RoleSortNumber AR Slayer SPYlogo std.png Splyce
United Kingdom Joee Joseph Pinnington Template:RoleSortNumber Hybrid SPYlogo std.png Splyce
United Kingdom Hawqeh Billy Harris Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer SPYlogo std.png Splyce
United Kingdom Watson Josh Watson Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer EXRTlogo std.png Exertus eSports
United Kingdom ShAnE Shane McKerral Template:RoleSortNumber OBJ Orbitlogo std.png Team Orbit UK
United Kingdom Zer0 Trei Morris Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer Infslogo std.png Team Infused
United Kingdom Swanny Callum Swan Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer Vlogo std.png Vitality.Storm
United Kingdom MadCat Dylan Daly Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer Milllogo std.png Millenium
United Kingdom MarkyB Mark Bryceland Template:RoleSortNumber Support Infslogo std.png Team Infused
United Kingdom Joshh Joshua-Lee Shephard Template:RoleSortNumber OBJ Vlogo std.png Vitality.Storm
United Kingdom Peatie Adam Peate Template:RoleSortNumber Support AwGlogo std.png Aware Gaming
United Kingdom Dominate James Batz Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer Infslogo std.png Team Infused
Republic of Ireland Jurd Jordan Crowley Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer TCMlogo std.png TCM-Gaming
United Kingdom Tommey Tom Trewren Template:RoleSortNumber Support VITlogo std.png Team Vitality
United Kingdom Flux Ryan Oldfield Template:RoleSortNumber Support TCMlogo std.png TCM-Gaming
United Kingdom Xanity James Bajwe Template:RoleSortNumber OBJ Retiredlogo std.png Retired


ID Name Position
Belgium Greg Champagne Chief Executive Officer
United Kingdom Apoc Kurtis Stocks General Manager


ID Name Position Next Team
France Samishh Samy Mazouzi Head of Esports Milllogo std.png Millenium

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