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November 15th
NA Logo std2.png CV DoMo, Mpaac, Pikachu and ASSASS1N join.
NA Juslogo std.png Jus DoMo, Mpaac, Pikachu and ASSASS1N leave.
November 14th
EU Epsilogo std.png Epsi Insanatised joins.
NA ERa Elogo std.png eRa E ProoFy joins.
November 13th
NA ERa Elogo std.png eRa E FEARS leaves.
November 11th
NA Juslogo std.png Jus ASSASS1N joins. Forgiven leaves.
November 4th
NA NVlogo std.png nV Classic, Temp and Huke join. Source
November 2nd
NA Logo std2.png Pure Gaming Sharp, Neslo, Whea7s & Stainville join. Source
November 1st
EU Milllogo std.png Mill Moose & QwiKeR leave. GunShy & Urban join. Source
October 31st
NA Juslogo std.png Jus Forgiven, Mpaac, Domo and Pikachu join. Source
NA MWlogo std.png MW Forgiven, DoMo, Mpaac and Pikachu leave.
October 30th
NA Roguelogo std.png Rogue Pandur, Johnny, Stamino, and GodRx leave.
NA Logo std2.png Next Threat Censor, Ricky, ProoFy, and Mirx join. Source
NA Logo std2.png Draco Diabolic, Happy, Remy, and Mosh leave.
October 29th
NA Logo std2.png Draco Diabolic, Happy, Remy and Mosh join.
October 28th
NA Lethallogo std.png Lethal Ramby, Teddy, MuTeX and Maniak join. Source
NA TGClogo std.png TGC JuJu, KlinK, HumanJesus, and Pemby join. Source
October 27th
NA Cyclonelogo std.png Cyclone Prophet, FA5TBALLA, DraMa and TuQuick leave.
October 25th
NA FOXlogo std.png FOX Replays leaves. Saints, Assault, Faccento and Gunless join. Source
NA FaZelogo std.png FaZe Gunless leaves.
NA LGlogo std.png LG JKap and John join. Saints and Classic leave Source
October 24th
NA TKlogo std.png tK Goonjar and Happy leave. Chino and Kenny join. Source
October 21st
NA Iceberglogo std.png Iceberg Apox, Huhdle, Legal, and Hec join. Source